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Securing data, whether professional or personal, requires day-to-day actions. Create complex and diverse passwords, refrain from opening emails and private messages the origin of which we are not sure about, maintain updated, protected computer tools; all this sounds simple, even when we do not understand WHY it is necessary, which could decrease our watchfulness. As a company specialized in cybersecurity since 1993, Sémafor Conseil knows this issue quite well and offers you articles, advisories, awareness tools fine-tuned by experience and training programs that will introduce the cyber world to you.

I am a digital object exposed to the world

My family life, my friends, my job, my colleagues, my company, everything in my life is embodied in digital data, information which are to be shared, but not with anyone!
Everything I am or do, everywhere I go, everyone I meet, everything I share generates digital data which are stored on my smartphone, in my apps, my computers, my many accounts and subscriptions to services and tools.
I am the center of all these actions, and therefore I am responsible for my own protection, although I cannot visualize the volume of my data or how vulnerable they are, how they can be used against me, a relative, a colleague, the company or organization I work for, my biker’s or my scrabble club!

We are all targeted by cyberattacks

The distance situation created by COVID-19 has seen the number of computer hacking cases soar. Every day we hear that another large company, or a public service like the Health system, has been attacked and our confidential data has been posted in the world’s public domain, our working tools, our photos, our important documents have been destroyed, our money accounts misappropriated.

It is not for want of our using secured services. There is an invisible war being waged, and in this war only well-trained computer technicians know how to fight. However, we can do something to help them, and thus to protect ourselves.

Let's become stakeholders and let's act!

1. 1. To understand this invisible world reserved for specialists

You may not feel like you want to, or can become a top-tier cyber technician. However, Sémafor Conseil has developed courses that will allow you to better understand the cyber world and to visualize the dangers you are facing daily.

Introduction to Cybersecurity

This Introduction to Cybersecurity course is designed to allow everyone to discover the cyber world and the daily hazards we are all facing.


Participants in this Cryptography class learn the techniques used to cypher data and how to use them properly.

2. To safeguard oneself personally and professionally

Sémafor Conseil is very knowledgeable about everyday cybersecurity issues thanks to the many years spent advising and teaming up with, organizations and their staff. Sémafor Conseil offers classes for uninitiated people so they can acquire all of the solid technical basic skills in order to deepen their understanding of computer safety through hands-on practice.

Introduction to Linux

The Introduction to Linux class covers the fundamental notions of the Linux operating system. This class has been developed for beginners. Note: the Linux operating system can be installed as a Windows sub-system without jeopardizing your PC’s operation.

Introduction to Python

Anyone who wants to start acting in cybersecurity and create the necessary tools to do so must learn programming. Python is the easiest coding language used for many tools in may areas, including computer security.

3. To share one's knowledge with one's relations

To train the company’s management team, Human Resources, to design and enforce data protection policies within the organization are the best practices to ensure that the integrity of the company’s and its people’s data is better protected. Sémafor Conseil has created a unique educational tool, the Cybersecurity comic strip, an amusing collection of comic strips, which cause cybersecurity to be taken seriously. Each theme is introduced through illustrated, every day situations and includes a tutorial to explain the correct attitude and actions to adopt.

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