Yves Lepage

The usual situation In organizations, there are computer networks, with computer systems, which run applications (web or other). There is also a whole bunch of people who have access to the network: employees, consultants, partners, family (eg: the boss who gives access to the network to his student nephew), suppliers, and others. These people use …

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What do the years 2012, 2016 and 2021 have in common? These are years of data leaks from the social network LinkedIn. And the years 2013, 2018 (twice!), 2019 (5 times !!!), 2021? These are the years of Facebook data leaks. Other social networks have also had their unfortunate years.

100% of the worldwide economy depends on the web and its security. Nevertheless, web and web application security are neglected by companies and governments. Discover below how to easily remediate this problem.