Cybersecurity Comic Strips

Throughout its 25 panels, the cybersecurity comic strip deals with all the major themes in the risks of digital aggression, and this on 4 main fields of application:

General risks

Whether at work or at home, in our professional or social relationships, we must all be aware of the powerful negative impact of a digital aggression of which we could be victims.

Persistent threats

BD 22 Menaces persistantes avancées

Understand the risks of cyber warfare conveyed by the Internet and the role of each to prevent its spread.

Our bank account has changed

The security bases to be set up within the company and the behaviour to be adopted by all employees.

Smartphones have ears

13 Politique

The essential safety rules for mobile phones

Cyberattack, it only happens to others


Learn useful precautions to avoid traps.

Back from vacation


While passwords are the key to all systems, computers, applications, etc. it is so difficult to manage them effectively!

Meeting the information

Information is all that is useful to the business lines and to all the activities of the organization enabling them to achieve their objectives: from data managed in applications to electronic messaging via office automation, intranet, website or configuration settings, and more.

Tracking down pirates (Swiss copyright)

Copyright is a time-limited monopoly that allows the author to authorize or prohibit a specific use of his work. In addition, copyright also protects the link between the author and his work, creativity and personality.

Discover your best ally... or your worst enemy!

Best ally, worst enemy
Protection of personal data
A person’s private sphere is a precious asset that enjoys special protection, including in the world of work and health.

Homo Domoticus or the Internet of Things

Vol d'information

A car, toy, medical device, home appliance or any other object that may contain an information system and that connects to a wider network via WIFI, bluetooth, or through a smartphone or other system that drives it.

Management and HR

The cybersecurity framework is governed by laws, policies, rules and standards and our organizations must comply with them. It is the responsibility of Management and Human Resources to ensure this.

Private access

19 Mot de passe

Data access management inside the company and security policy.

The boss's nightmare (RGPD)

15 Dring

Human Resources security. Private data protection (DPGR).

1 click and Hop! (security policy)

BD 22 Menaces persistantes avancées

Emails security rules, what the company has to do and what the employees must apply.

The sales room

Vol d'information

Among cybercrimes, the information hacking can have serious conscequences.

Risk analysis


A general methodology of cyber risks.

The little devils are hiding in the details


Apps security

A good plan

Business Continuity Management

All the light on confidential information!

Security measures to be organized within the company and the precautions that all employees must observe to avoid a leak of information.

Telecommuting, travel and business trips

Digital risk has no boundaries, so in private life we must apply the same rules as in professional life, plus some that are specific to it.

Heard in the bus

17 Bus

The instructions to be followed by all employees and the organisational measures essential within the company.



About Web conferences and critical security aspects.

All at home (free)

Best ally, worst enemy

Securing computer tools both in telework and at home school.

Private Life

Cyberrisk has no boundaries, so in private life we must apply the same rules as in professional life, plus some that are specific to it.

I protect my information even at home

14 Privacy
Where does my private sphere begin? How to use the Internet and social networks while respecting the rights of each and preserving personal data.

Broken heart

Broken heart

Vulnerability of your computer and personal information.

Cell phone: it knows everything about you!

19 Mot de passe

Security of mobile phone, communications, common applications, games, social networks, e-commerce, etc.

We are between us and yet


About publications confidentiality on social networks.

Les auteurs

Jacqueline Reigner

Jacqueline Reigner

Dr. Sciences of the University of Lausanne, founder of Sémafor Conseil SA and honorary president of the Swiss Association for Information Security – Clusis, Jacqueline Reigner imagined an original training program: The Cybersecurity Comic Strips

Gianfranco Brunetti

Gianfranco Brunetti

Gianfranco Brunetti, artist, graphic designer, illustrator and creator of Comics strips.

Designer with Jacqueline Reigner and graphic designer of La BD de la Cybersecurity.

Gianfranco Brunetti is well known for his creations and especially for “La Ferme à Bolomey”.

Website :


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