Cybersecurity Awareness Program

As the human factor is at the origin of 80% of security breaches, the individual remains the main target of cyberattacks. In order to protect your data, it is important to raise awareness and train your staff on cyberrisks. Sémafor Conseil can help you develop a protection strategy within your organization and train all your staff in good practices. This way, you will be able to establish a real culture of cybersecurity.

Our methodology

Analysis of the existing situation

Together with your services we take the time to analyze your current digital situation so that the awareness of the personnel becomes a real protection against digital aggressions.
The security policy of your company, its size as well as its sector of activity are taken into account in this evaluation as well as for the elaboration of the training seminars/webinars.

Strategy development

In relation with the services and the uses in place, we define the training process of the various publics of your company:

  • Define an awareness strategy adapted to your objectives and your budget.
  • Define the methods and tools of training to specific uses, dedicated pedagogical tools.

Setting up the tools

Icone Séminaire sensibilisation
BD de la Cybersécurité

Each of the tools, in particular the seminars/webinars, are designed to perfectly meet the training needs expressed and to improve the use of best practices in your company. This to ensure the best possible digital security.
Our trainings are fully customized and interactive and are designed to last.
The educational tools, such as Shirudo, immersive Serious Game or the Cybersecurity  Comic Strip come integrated and complete the training process.

Cybersecurity Awareness Program

Our pedagogical approach

In terms of pedagogy, we rely on the fact that adults learn by doing. Therefore, in our programs, our participants are encouraged to acquire the basics by practicing and then to practice by immersing themselves in real-life situations. At the end of the program, the acquired skills and the level of satisfaction of the participant are evaluated via a questionnaire.

Our tools


Sémafor Conseil develops awareness and training programs in  cybersecurity/cyberhygiene through seminars or webinars. These seminars are created taking into account the specificities of each organization. They are led by experienced cybersecurity professionals. Their animations favor interaction with the participants. We will determine the most suitable tools according to your own policy and objectives.
The objective is that all participants understand the importance and the stakes of adopting effective behaviors to secure all the company’s data. The goal is to create/reinforce an effective cyber hygiene culture within your organization.

BD Cybersécurité

BD de la Cybersécurité

The Cybersecurity Comic Strip is a playful medium that is integrated into our cybersecurity and cyber hygiene awareness and training programs. These 25 comic books cover all the major themes related to digital risk management and serve as a reminder, a link to the topics discussed. The emotional link between the comic and each of us reinforces the impact on individuals and implements behavioral changes in the long term. This tool is unique in the French-speaking world. The boards can be adapted to the specific needs of your organization. New boards are being prepared on current topics.

The cybersecurity comic book in a nutshell:

  • A fun tool that combines a comic strip with an educational sheet on the subject
  • Collection of 25 comic strips that cover the major topics of cybersecurity/cyberhygiene
  • Digital display easy to distribute in the company
  • 2 languages available (French, English, other languages on request)



Serious game
immersive learning tool

Shirudo is presented as a first-person role-playing game. The participant is invited to participate in 21 missions, each corresponding to a cybersecurity behavior to adopt. The graphic and sound environment are very engaging and contribute to the effectiveness of the education provided through this tool.

  • 21 missions to execute in a virtual universe. A new mission every month.
  • Progress chart for each participant and pedagogical sheets for each theme.
  • Integration of the company’s policy in the course of the game and of the company’s identity.
  • Available in 4 languages (French, German, English, Spanish)
  • Can be played online from a computer via a secure and personal access or on a smartphone or tablet (Android and IOS) via the dedicated applications
  • Mission time from 3 to 7 minutes