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Nowadays, a Security Operation Centers (SOC) should have everything it needs to mount a competent defense of the constantly changing IT enterprise. The SOC includes a vast array of sophisticated detection and prevention technologies, cyber intelligence reporting, and access to a rapidly expanding workforce of talented IT professionals.

This SOC Operation course provides the skills and procedures necessary to set up an efficient SOC. The training will provide participants with contents on all aspects of an efficient SOC team.

The course helps prepare for the certification exams CISM (ISACA), GSEC (SANS), and GMON (SANS).

This course is essential for:

  • Computer specialists to begin or evolve in cybersecurity with network foundation knowledge
  • People implicated in internal security policy

Cyberium Arena

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The CYBERIUM ARENA is a high-end cybersecurity Learning Management System and Simulator, which trains participants in the use of a wide variety of on-line tools for identifying the nature of a cyber attack and responding quickly and appropriately to prevent damage and disable the attacker.

Real Cases Studies

Case Study #1
During the coronavirus, medical research university suffered a data breach. Criminal groups seek to exploit the crisis for financial gain. We need to track down their actions to understand what was stolen. Our tech engineer captured the network traffic during the attack; you have the task to solve the incident.
Case Study #2
Recently a large insurance company called VitaLife has suffered a severe breach. The SOC team who worked on that breach that day are still investigating the scene. You have been asked to filter through those logs to find the possible cause of the attack.
Case Study #3
Information about 60% of the US population was exposed to what is believed to be the largest ever known exposure. The IT department found an unsecured server, which is now under in-depth investigation by your team. The company is using your services to investigate the server that held a large amount of that data to mitigate this issue.
Case Study #4
Financial company in Asia suffered from a Ransomware attack, which made them pay $1 million in bitcoin, to restore encrypted files. They hired you as a specialist to help them find any tracks. The SOC team was able to monitor some of that traffic that might contain valuable information related to the attack.
Case Study #5
A company suspects it has been attacked and needs your help in finding network traces done by a group of hackers that are targeting several businesses and organizations in Germany.
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The Threat Hunting course complements the SOC Analyst course by practicing on real cases of pro-active threat management.

Penetration Testing (PenTest) complements SOC analyst with the acquisition of practical skills in intrusion analysis and continuous search.