OSINT (Open Source Intelligence)

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BT214 - OSINT Open Source Intelligence
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Case Studies

Open-source intelligence (OSINT) covers the techniques and procedures used in retrieving targeted information from open-source networks containing immense amounts of data.

This course teaches participants how to collect and analyse information using every data source available. Students will be further exposed to collecting information from the Darknet, social networks, and other sources.

The course helps prepare for the certification exams GOSI (SANS) and C|OSINT (Mcafee).

This course is essential for:

This course targets mostly law-enforcement wanting to master the art of finding data around the internet.

  • Intelligence officers
  • Police officers
  • Private/public Investigators
  • Forensics investigators
  • Reporters/Journalists

Cyberium Arena

Cyberium Arena Logo
The CYBERIUM ARENA is a high-end cybersecurity Learning Management System and Simulator, which trains participants in the use of a wide variety of on-line tools for identifying the nature of a cyber attack and responding quickly and appropriately to prevent damage and disable the attacker.

Real Cases Studies

Case Study #1
A Microsoft subsidiary company has been targeted for an attack through newly discovered vulnerabilities leaked by the National Security Agency. The system administrator of the company suspects an attacker already got access to the systems and hid some files. It's your job to locate who and what was added into the system.
Case Study #2
Network administrators of OnePlus Technology Co. hired your assistance to analyze recent network traffic on the main website, after suffering a profoundly impacting data breach on their servers. You are given full access to servers to monitor the network and to report your findings.
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The next step is to automate your OSINT skills with the OSINT Automation course which teach you how to create scripts to search and filter your researches.

To get the best of OSINT, Linux is required. Linux can be installed as a sub-system of Windows. We will teach you how to use it with this Introduction to Linux course.