The world of information security consists of a multitude of complex issues and techniques on how to deal with the many environments that can be vulnerable to global cyber-attacks. The groups that get stronger are not only the hackers who try to hurt you but also the defense groups in the organizations, the more known the attacks, the more definite their defense.

n this course, students who participated in the introductory course (RT433) will further deepen their knowledge and understanding of exploit research and development.

During This Course, participants will Learn programming languages and Shellcode writing. They will acknowledge in program structure and execution patterns for the cause of knowing how to find vulnerabilities and exploit in programs and codes to gain control of target systems and applications.

IoT or the Internet of Things is one of the most upcoming trends. However, within the growth of many new devices coming up every few months, not much attention has been paid to its security until now.

Microsoft Windows is one of the most popular operating systems ever used. This operating system can be found on any device, such as computers, phones, banking machines, and many more.

During this training, students will get knowledge and skills of the pentesters procedure to detect security vulnerabilities in web applications using a combination of manual and automated techniques and methods.

The Web Application security course will help participants understand major web application flaws and their exploitation, as well as learn a proven process for locating these flaws consistently.

This training is an advanced course that covers topics in the Red-Team Cyber Warfare methodologies. The participants will get an in-depth look into the mind of a Black-Hat hacker.