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RT422 Sécurité des Applications Web
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The Web Application Security course will help participants understand web application languages and their exploitation. Students will learn a proven process for locating these flaws consistently. This training program’s primary goal is to help security specialists understand web application risks in their organization and learn how to conduct web application security assessments.

The course helps prepare for the certification exams GWEB (SANS) and OSWE (Offensive Security).

This course is essential for:

  • Webmasters
  • Web Apps/Services Designers
  • PHP Developers
  • Intranet/Internet Developers

Cyberium Arena

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The CYBERIUM ARENA is a high-end cybersecurity Learning Management System and Simulator, which trains participants in the use of a wide variety of on-line tools for identifying the nature of a cyber attack and responding quickly and appropriately to prevent damage and disable the attacker.

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The WebApp Hacking is the second level in Web Applications security. It is essential for those who have the reponsability of the websites, intranet, online banking, online events,… security.